Fleet Vehicle Tracking — Real-Time GPS Mapping

Increase Visibility, Savings, and Security with GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking

To manage a fleet efficiently, you need to know where your vehicles are and how they are being used. WEX Telematics gives you real-time tracking of vehicle location, speed, fuel use, driver performance and more. We help you make smart decisions to increase productivity and fuel savings — to boost your bottom line.

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Track Your Fleet in Real-Time with GPS Mapping

Track your vehicles or fleets on interactive 2D, 3D, or satellite maps. Use Live Traffic data to route your drivers around congestion — to complete more jobs per day and please customers. Easily scan your fleet's position with our color-coded vehicle driving trails.


Achieve Higher Fleet Productivity with Fleet Control

Sharpen your decisions with real-time details about vehicle operating conditions, driver activities and performance. Raise productivity and greatly reduce fuel and maintenance costs with intelligent fleet reporting and data capture.

Help Drivers Navigate Faster with Landmarks

Dispatchers can help drivers stay on track by placing references to local landmarks in route directions and inserting custom landmarks in any map — to be viewed on screen or in reports.

Keep Vehicles in Bounds with Geofences

Create custom regions on your map and monitor fleet activity within them. Tell when vehicles enter or leave areas, and the time they spend in those areas. Know when vehicles are on track and when they're in "no-go" areas such as employee homes, bars, or other non-work areas.

Never get blindsided with Reports and Alerts

Stay on top of fleet developments 24/7 through easy-to-scan reports and automatic alerts. Quickly review alerts and take action — or rest assured that our system will flag the event for later. Customize reports to fit your management, analysis, or operational needs.