Exxon Mobil Fleet Card FAQ


How long does it take to get approved/receive card?

The Exxon Mobil BusinessPro card issuer intends to approve all applications within 48 hours from receipt of a completed application. Once the account is approved, cards can be printed and issued within seven days. Overnight shipment of the cards can be requested for a fee.

The Exxon Mobil BusinessPro cards are issued by WEX Bank.

How is the rebate calculated for the Exxon Mobil BusinessPro program?

The rebate is computed on total fuel purchases during a normal billing cycle. Billing cycles do not necessarily correspond to a calendar month.

Fees / Billing

What administrative fees do new customers pay for the Exxon Mobil BusinessPro program?

BusinessPro is automatically accepted at over 12,000 Exxon and Mobil stations nationwide. If you choose to extend your network acceptance to 95% of U.S. retail fueling locations, additional fees apply.

One-time Setup Fee: $40. Monthly Card Fee: $2. Rebates are valid at participating Exxon- and  Mobil-branded stations only.

Is tax-exempt billing available?

Yes. You should contact your local Department of Revenue for help and answers regarding tax-exempt qualification and the necessary certification. You should also contact the Fleet Tax Department at 1-866-841-3542.

Reporting / Prompting

What information does the driver have to enter at the time of sale with the Exxon Mobil BusinessPro card?

The driver must enter his or her Driver ID number and their vehicle Odometer reading.

The driver enters the information at the time of the sale at the pump or on the PIN pad at the counter. If a driver can’t remember their Driver ID number, they should contact their fleet administrator.

Can I customize the card prompts by card?

Yes, if you have any questions regarding what prompts are available, please call Exxon Mobil Card Services at 1-800-624-5140.

Can I get both odometer readings and actual mileage driven between fill-ups on my Fleet Products Reports?

Yes. The Fleet Products Report provides odometer readings, miles per gallon (MPG) and miles driven. The report reflects the actual odometer reading entered by the driver and calculates the MPG since the last purchases and provides the miles driven during the billing period.

Can I view purchase reporting online close to real-time?

Transaction details can be viewed as soon as they are posted, generally one to two days after the purchase date. However, the completed invoice can’t be viewed until your billing cycle has closed.

Can product purchases be restricted?

Yes. You can choose from three pre-set options: unrestricted, fuel only and fuel/oil only. You also have the option to set up custom purchasing restrictions online.

Can I restrict fuel purchases to diesel only?

Fuel restrictions by grade and/or type are NOT available. However, you can restrict purchases to fuel only and fuel/oil only.

Can I limit card purchases to a daily dollar amount? Can the issuer decline a sale if over the daily limit?

Yes. You can create Control Profiles to limit card purchases to a daily dollar amount through Exxon Mobil Business Online. You can also limit the number of transactions allowed per day, dollars per transaction and even limit purchases to specific times of the day and days of the week. You can create as many Control Profiles as you need, and assign each card on your account to the Control Profile that’s most appropriate.

Can I have my cards printed with specific information?

Yes, you may use up to 20 characters to customize your text line. For example, you may want to have the driver name, vehicle number or department name embossed on the card. The text that is printed on the card is how the Fleet Products Report will sort your purchase information.