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The contactless mobile payment app, DriverDash is the fastest way to pay for fuel at Exxon and Mobil stations.

All transactions are linked to your fleet card account

Charges appear automatically

Increased protection from skimmers + fraud

Uses coded version of card details

No more lost cards

Virtual cards located in app

Fingerprint ID or facial recognition

No more forgotten PINs

Enter odometer readings from inside vehicle

Improved data capture

It’s never been easier to pay at the pump

See how DriverDash makes life easier for both you and your drivers.

Current customers can get started in three easy steps:

Log in with your existing password for ExxonMobilOnline

Enter a mobile number for each employee-user and press invite

Employees receive a text with a personalized link to download the app. Once they login, they are ready to roll

Understanding DriverDash

Understanding DriverDash

How does it work?

When a user reaches a fueling location, they open the DriverDash app. They can remain in their vehicle while they’re prompted to input a pump number and odometer reading. To enter their Driver ID, they’ll just need to use their smartphone’s facial or fingerprint recognition feature. Receipts are stored electronically in the app, so there’s no need to worry about hanging on to a piece of paper.

DriverDash uses geolocation to help users locate nearby fueling stations, and it can offer directions through the device’s maps app.

Do we have to pay to use DriverDash?

No. DriverDash is free to set up and free to use for BusinessPro cardholders.

If we sign up for DriverDash, do we have to use it for every fuel purchase?

No. Although using DriverDash has many benefits, employees can always swipe their fuel card at the pump.

Will using DriverDash change any of our fleet card features, controls, or reports?

No. All of your fleet card features are supported by DriverDash. Your reporting, billing and purchase controls will remain the same.

Security & Safety

Is the fleet card number stored on the phone?

No. DriverDash uses an encrypted representation of the card number, stored securely on the phone.

Do employees have to register to use the app?

No. Only employees who download DriverDash (by receiving an invitation via are able to use the app.

Can my employees use fingerprint or facial recognition to authorize a transaction?

Yes. If an employee’s smartphone has fingerprint authentication or facial recognition, they can choose to use this feature (instead of entering their Driver ID), as an added layer of security.

Can other cards be added to DriverDash?

No. DriverDash will only use your company’s fleet card. This happens automatically when the fleet manager enters an employee’s name and mobile number at, and then they receive an invitation to download the app.

Is it safe to use a smart phone at a gas pump?

Please always follow local laws and regulations pertaining to cell phone use while driving and fueling. And please remember to use your phone responsibly. Never use your phone when driving and make sure your car is parked safely and shut off before using your phone. Refrain from using your phone when walking across the station.

What if an employee loses his or her phone?

Your fleet card account is protected by your employee’s Driver ID, facial ID or fingerprint scan.

Downloading DriverDash

How do we download DriverDash?

Although DriverDash is available at the App Store and Google Play, employees must download it via the invitation sent from DriverDash to ensure that they are automatically linked to your fleet card account.

Using DriverDash

Where can we use DriverDash?

DriverDash is available at most Exxon™ and Mobil™ stations, with new acceptance locations added frequently.

How do we use DriverDash to pay at the pump?

Follow these steps:

  1. Before fueling, launch the app.
  2. Tap “Pay for Fuel” and select your pump number.
  3. When your account prompt appears, you can activate the pump by entering your Driver ID or scanning your fingerprint or using your facial recognition.
How do I access and pay for the car wash?*

After selecting your pump, you will be prompted as to whether you would like a car wash. If you accept, the charge will appear on your receipt.
* Where available

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